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Puzzle 2 by Pebble
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There is a ghost theme to Pebble’s second puzzle, involving some clever interplay between answers. Among a fine set of clues, my favourites were 21 across, 7 down and 15 down. (PDF version)


Record a pulse heard to function (9)
10 After end of harvests, own crop (5)
11 Doctrine consistent from all angles (5)
12 Procedure resulting from development of 9 (9)
13 Again allow study leading to university (7)
14 Garble a confused symbolic notation (7)
17 Love computer science figure (5)
19 Ration power lost from 1 (3)
20 Country house style is pronounced (5)
21 Happen once again or happen many times including once oddly (7)
22 Nice sky surrounds little fortress (7)
24 25 secures half of county on forming historic majority (6-3)
26 Plant needs small distance in front of border (5)
28 Join in summer getaway (5)
29 Interrupt time off with school discipline (9)

Plan to draw graph (4)
2 I hear you look for land (6)
3 Refer back after 9 loses record of calculation (10)
4 Difficulty that sounds uncomplicated (6)
5 Issue involving elderly relative, a refugee maybe (8)
6 Ruler measurements are not entirely visible (4)
7 Was the empty part of a pen rejected here? (5,3)
8 Judge occasionally idle team (4)
13 Either way, it will find you (5)
15 Analysis of decision making may go there misleadingly (4,6)
16 A range of hearing (5)
18 Losing seconds 15 is baffled by the study of space (8)
19 Port from back half of cellar put on table (8)
22 Suspend over river bend (6)
23 Brides’ arrangement remains (6)
24 Sentence originally translated into meaningful English (4)
25 Short message is cute (4)
27 Appointment on the telephone leads to a source of information (4)