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This is an Everyman-style puzzle that should appeal to all: accessible clues with elegant surface readings, sound construction and plenty of wit. Favourites are 14 across for its imagery and the clever 14 down. (PDF version)


Five articles about sickly flavour (7)
7 Take away Michigan students (5)
9 Dutch city border follows a river north (6)
10 Grace’s short poem on a new church (8)
11 Infantry game for river crossing (10)
13 Madrid escape in the middle of March? Quite the opposite (4)
14 Fermented apple skin – then hallucinations! (4,9)
16 Fish for squirming eels initially (4)
17 Ravers sent staggering from side to side (10)
19 Observe passion burning with anger (8)
20 Develop woven spandex losing stretchiness at first (6)
22 Peg and Oscar in obscene retrospective (5)
23 Medical equipment in Grey’s pants (7)

Slowly move decapitated bird (4)
2 The best in the orchard? (4,4)
3 Limped eastward carrying hamper (6)
4 No change in inane vicar with bats in the belfry! (10)
5 Sign of success after six runs (5)
6 Scotsman’s beef? (8,5)
8 Double century before start of evening within grasp. Good result (7)
12 Hollywood at Christmas – or whenever? (6,4)
14 Give warning of drink running out? (7)
15 Landlord standing before The Spanish Railway Inn (8)
17 Let rip furiously three times … (6)
18 … because confined by wardens in cell (5)
21 Sort of rock music fan without a hotel (4)