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Solvers may like to identify and shade in two depictions of 26 across in the grid, to celebrate the milestone reached by this puzzle.

Bob is back in a position to give help (10)
11 Set trap for one involved in racket (4)
12 Concerned with land management, German company managed to include valley (8)
14 Studentís beginning to appear weary, securing university degree having worked hard (8)
15 Note, house wants a yard badly (6)
16 Rank given to English poet laureate in the past (4)
17 Read out part of list (4)
19 Old robber is in state again? (6)
20 Taking everything into account, somewhat pusillanimous on reflection (5, two words)
22 Fallow pasture (3)
25 Side petal seen regularly in dahlias (3)
26 Unclued (5)
27 Son abandons spurious solemnity when convenient (6)
28 I look half-heartedly over headgear (4)
30 Everyone walked in Algerian city? (4)
32 Component of plant cells for limitless straightening up? (6)
34 Sign underground workerís been repairing hole in factory (8)
35 A British general lacking resistance, notably (8, two words)
36 Song first heard on the radio (4)
37 Forced away gentle bird (10, two words)

Twenty-one gun salute perhaps is a way of saving appearances (5)
3 Like Iím getting involved in rail strike, first of all, thatís crazy!  (7)
4 It will keep time in unfavourable environment (4)
5 American shrub entirely covered with salt (6)
6 Wild boar leads soldiers to a line of trees (8)
7 Name given to a very large temple (4)
8 Like a leg spinner finally brought in to remedy Essex opener departing with a half century (6)
9 At sea, we mates rely on it to save us from drowning (7, two words)
10 Not being dishonest enough is essential? (10)
13 Keep on ignoring first of signs of disease of area round the mouth (10)
18 Foolish person scratching head followed a course to absorb one ancient language (8 )
Capital I invested in Iran somehow maintains old boy (7)
23 You needed a hundred to be up to the mark (7)
24 Avenge mischievous spirit (6)
26 Be disappointed with the French silk (6)
29 A bit of graphic sex finally imported by confused type heading for Liverpool (5)
31 Champ has to appear in Saskatchewan (4)
33 Lie about rearing Australian lizard (4) 

Solution to Crossword 50