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A number of answers will require modification before entry into the grid. The clues for these contain a definition of the original answer and wordplay for the part of the answer which is unchanged upon entry. Two of the original answers consist of two words and one of three words.

Heartless fascism spreads in mountainous region (6)
5 Make threats and club will screen fight live (8)
9 Note, after endless revenue old man keeps nothing – the fool! (10)
10 One in the gods for The Ring? No, a different part of the threatre (4)
11 First off, identified daughter missing at sea for certain (8)
12 Cunning, unlimited cunning (6)
13 Concealed in toilet (4)
15 Completely overcome by current in Forth when swimming (8)
18 Unworried but depressed (8)
20 Some grass followed by a drink (4)
22 Greeting with good humoured slap, primarily? More than one (6)
24 Period in central Thessaly for Solon, Thales et al (8)
26 Quiet rebuke up North (4)
27 Copper’s keeping back trouble east of harbour gate (10)
28 In Italian city I see speedwell (8)
29 Store ordered “Introduction to Rock and Roll” (6)

A knight must stand up at end of rite, on hearing this? (5)
3 Church officer upset as believer abandons faith finally, yours truly too  (9)
4 Iron Maiden single appropriate to women (6)
5 Somehow I botch harnessing energy using living organisms industrially (7)
6 Work back to back on building area? The contrary (8)
7 Political party backed British statesman (5)
8 Holding grudge, give grade that’s poor  (9)
14 Native inhabitant gives birth in Lincoln (9)
16 After objection by son, heartlessly deals with impediments (9)
17 Underworld queen has drunken spree in pub (8)
19 In Tennessee state, Alaskan's opening restaurant (7)
Car thief is a sport? Not so (6)
23 Thick-skinned sort has some leadership potential (5)
25 The very best characters’ greatness? (5)

Solution to Crossword 52