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They like to stay in hospital with important people, first off (4,6)
6,35 Work by 27a,48,29 and half of 29’s identical late works (2,8,2,4)
14,49 Newspaper includes final letter among dozen I circulated, identifying work of 27a,48,29  (2,5,2,6)
15 They arouse desire with act on XXX circuit, for starters (6,7)
16 27a,48,29’s work Fauré, Bizet and finally Berlioz regularly arranged (3,11)
18 See 37a
19 Dispel silly lies about origin of unnamed Roman statesman  (7)
20 Humbly taking out time to satisfy Kelly’s odd requirements? (6)
21 One architectural feature associated with new work by 27a,48,29 (8)
25 Most concerned with trouble reflecting inability to make decisions (7)
27,48,29 Composer: genius primarily, classical great in retrospect, a god, second to zero with skill (8,7,6)
29 See 27a (6)
32 Increasing desire’s captured with this marketing technique (6,7)
34 Sounds like exquisite skirt (4)
35 See 6
37,18 27a,48,29’s work often cut as it wanders (4,3,5)
38 Jump from aircraft with parachute at last (4)
39,26,42 Harem girl’s tune used fun idea, developed in work by 27a,48,29 (3,10,3,3,6)
42 See 39
43 Forceful old soldier arrests macho types (8)
45 Limits working term in cutback (7)
47 Hide from close family, taking son (8)
49 See 14
52 Ring off, break the connection ten times over  (7)
53 Idle advocate’s first to appear in a French court; I have to follow (8)
55 Resident vet set out personal reason not to want change (6,8)
57 Visiting often for quiet afternoon out, nothing less (13)
58 Beaten up? (9)
60 If I assisted badly, Director would be unhappy (12)
61 During examination Spanish girl shows guts (10)

American coins all turned up in Salford, strangely, after the end of March (4-7)
2 An island? Yes and no (3)
3 Bird has to notice cockchafer (7-5)
4 One playing records takes me back to live session’s opening with African drums (7)
5 Short poem featuring English farm animals (7)
7 Perhaps St Matthew’s abridged, including one marginal note (7)
8 Dishonest sort has change of heart, making retreat (4)
9 I would set ashore in extremely mountainous region of England (8)
10 Musicians explaining why action in court was cancelled? (5)
11 Greeting fellow in east Iranian language (7)
12 Children matter (5)
13 Posh speaking London thoroughfare is in a confused state (4-4)
17 Former professional young woman given alternative by new debtor (11)
22 How Tom cries, having to cut down taking Ecstasy (4)
23 Excel with alfresco party (5)
24 Gut feeling isn’t working in Connecticut (8)
26 See 39
27 The old playwright’s first daughter looking angrily distressed  (4-4)
28 Dance is somewhat boring, I guess (5)
30 Maliciously made up lie about success of Marat, for example (3,2,6)
31 Suffocate fellow in steps (6)
33 Provide with proper home first of all (5)
36 Scientist shot revolutionary film (12)
37 Abnormal growths observed in most sycamores going north (5)
40 Memorials produced by most serious individuals (11)
41 CID officer’s taking good lodgings (4)
44 Performing under examination is taxing (8)
46 See 59
48 See 27a
50 A couple that’s around the middle of housing list (7)
51 Woven on loom, around date of last stage of lunar cycle (3,4)
52 Place to eat in Germany fashionable with French and Turkish economic leaders (7)
53 Fathead in nude, reeling, is not given any grub (5)
54 Evergreen tree that’s mostly found around borders of Uruguay (5)
56 Female wants cigarette over in flat perhaps (4)
59,46 Teacher has to travel, taking one vehicle to Northern Italy to see work by 27a,48,29 (3,8)

Solution to Crossword 53