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Crossword 54
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Four clues lack a definition.

Church woman gets to importune for payment with help (5,6)
9 Poet’s “Old Sixpence” is awfully nostalgic, for starters  (7)
10 Sign of cross mostly represented holy love (7)
11 Recalling some prior territory? (5)
12 Tense mob set on rioting in US city (9)
14 Prisoner, a fraudster, against study (3)
15 Climber finds, for example, Cheshire pine around lake (6,5)
17 Shortening a game entailed amateur dropping out  (11)
19 ’Arry’s condition for mischievous sort  (3)
20 They may keep spirits on the move (3,6)
22 Performing poetry at first in theatre (5)
23 Ordered a porno pic, initially without obligation to buy (2,5)
25 Fate thus left Austria in recession (7)
26 Woman’s not paid right off (6,5)

President of clubs needing dressing gown regularly (7)
2 I am a carbon compound containing nitrogen and oxygen –  one principal part of diet (5,4)
3 Even so, music group’s unable to do anything without record (11)
4 High places sometimes associated with a daisy? (3)
5 Ancient Greeks suppressing rising trouble for ages (5)
6 Go down and see academic with degree (7)
7 Harm orchard, circulating poisonous gas above (10,3)
8 Frequently found in extremely deep lake (13)
13 Bed of shellfish (clams) uses surprisingly low pressure (6-5)
16 Some tea? Be mother and state it smells nice (9)
18 He used canvas to depict an angel (7)
19 European agreement set back leading plant disease (3-4)
21 American city with power over state capital  (2,3)
24 Decapitate wild animal with blade (3)

Solution to Crossword 54