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Preamble: Ten answers are connected and their clues are partial, i.e. they have only subsidiary indications.

History test (8)
5 An honest person, one abandons endlessly scheming crook (6)
10 Put gas into aged car finally, having arranged date (7)
11 Her fan violently set about fellow (7)
12 Somewhat mournful narration relating to bone (5)
13 Chap in class falling short (9)
14 Repeated evaluation of new employees principally means stress (12)
18 Runs into kinky form of intercourse (12)
23 College girl’s current visit cut short (9)
25 Spanish hero’s final letter to bespectacled bishop? (5)
26 I moderate, with soldier about to go ape (7)
27 One getting married, ditching wife after ring is exchanged (7)
28 Received greeting card first of all (6)
29 Internet enables popular female to meet husband in Scottish town (8)

Fit to succeed priest (6)
2 Price is accepted by Carol (6)
3 Coats etc are wet  our problem (9)
4 Magistrates in South Africa suppress uprising (7)
6 Mischievous fellow plunged into river after returning (5)
7 They guard special records (8)
8 Shaping generations future and present with timeless song (8)
9 Complain peevishly, securing little good? (6)
15 Do Franz Schubert’s first works love this scoring technique? (9)
16 Terrific solving! (8)
17 Avoiding reality show’s foremost aspect I develop (8)
19 Artist, one who gets topless (6)
20 Prohibition of story by fundamentalist rulers (7)
21 Woman gets round in (6)
22 Student working with teacher (6)
24 Was Dizzy Gillespie’s second teacher (5)

Solution to Crossword 55