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This is another of those puzzles you either love or hate  -  one which has a long answer spanning several entries. I hope that most or all of you fall into the former category!


Repair car damage with Elastoplast, initially providing source of amusement (6,4)
6 The head has no power, mate (4)
9 See 27
10 Card gameís rejected for bridge (4)
12 Not a conductor of note, accepting fluffed cello entry  (3-11)
14 Great welcome for darling of northern town (3,6)
16 Prospered without husbandís collection of riches (5)
17 See 27
19 Clean, without introduction of pollution? (9)
21 See 27
24 Iíll be right back (4)
25 Lent ten days hence, but itís a long time before one millionís advanced (10)
26 Seabird, one heading off east (4)
27,21,9,7,17 Ooh yeah, repeater sticking out? Joy as pouty Mae turns up, alternatively (2,4,1,3,2,4,6,2,3,3,4,5,2,3,2)

Academician wears article made in certain knitting style (4)
2 One cod swims around raised net that's comb-shaped (7)
3  Kent people to be captivated by unusual odours of sundew plants (12)
4 Action figure originally got interesting job out east (2,3)
5 Wrongly declares the most attractive girl in Americaís lost a son? (9)
7 See 27
8 Half of capitalís used by one composer or another (10)
11 Royal Mail workers carrying letters out in open? With time itís off-putting (12)
13 Advance knowledge from the days before physics, etc?  (10)
15 Being fatty is an undesirable quality of sauce, but not one Penny put first  (9)
18 See, girl from Cardiff is delightful! (7)
20 Can sound of bell indicate sacking? (7)
22 Pound is put in money jar (5)
23 Doctor leaves London borough for French city (4)

Solution to Crossword 56