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British opera singer has confidence in funds (5,6)
7 “Nous sommes en Concarneau” only 30% translated (6,5)
13 Clergyman quietly concealed crime (5)
14 Girl needs honey or something else sweet (7)
15 Frank finally lost cloak in Australian city (9)
16 Treat sick without effect mostly, so try again (9)
17 Uncultured chap is getting point (10)
20 Suspension from international match? It’ll stop bombs going off (4,3)
22 Raise tax in general, following lead from Europe (7)
24 Girl, you said, one that grants your wishes (7)
25 Touchy about German city’s university (8)
26 Detective’s being hired is a failure (14)
28 Start to complain, given short measure? That’s a certainty! (5)
29 Man in Rome needs a day to show worth (6)
30 Liberal’s into corruption and deviation (10)
33 Thus accepts naughty child with inclination to be naive (10)
35 Grain regularly used to catch seabird (6)
37 Endure some rabid extremism (5)
39 What chef may use for purées or stock if short of time, possibly with hesitation (8,6)
41 Told to hide fruit producing disease (8)
44 Lord’s terms take too long?  (7)
45 Producer’s first work’s hackneyed stuff – cinema  audiences may swallow it (7)
46 I wander among South Africa’s mountain ranges (7)
47 Seller sent to stir? That’s harsh (10)
49 Roman general capturing popular Roman empress (9)
53 Perform a number of duties at the same time half-hearted summit talk collapses (9)
54 City Auden regularly visited, keeping record in poem (7)
55 One leaves smallest room available for rent (2,3)
56 Sounding wearied after amazing orgasms with assorted Swedish dishes (11)
57 Mistakenly rely on euros fluctuating (11)

Supporters of Labour leader retreat, wearing smart suits primarily (9)
2 Description of calendar that hasn’t long to go?  (3,4,3,8)
3 Go crazy for a snack in America? (5)
4 He composed harmonic works, including an introduction to Verdi (11)
5 Salesmen turn up outside hotel for a drink (8)
6 Could refer to Jade Goody keeping recipe under house (4-8)
7 Flipping Cadillac doesn’t start at end of party so give up (4,2,1,3)
8 Muslim lawmaker in civilian dress (5)
9 Past one’s best, having more than reached eminence? (4,3,4)
10 Party of blokes around centre of Prague street close to riot, ultimately (4,5)
11 On reflection only some aspire to notoriety and fame (4)
12 Office supports European prime minister (4)
18 Unclear pieces of writing getting an A? (10,8)
19 Time for a few words (8)
21 Crib from relative, falling short with Latin (7)
23 Advocate of power (8)
27 Following rugby tournament, imbibing vermouth drink (5,3)
28 Cop loses criminal in sewage pit (8)
31 Greenish-blue fish provides poison (7)
32 Nice girl reached island in river? (12)
34 Nick’s unusual habits (11)
36 One may sort out problem with plane (4,7)
38 See piano in weird chrome finish (10)
40 Showing or hiding? (9)
42 Naughty Lynn’s at it straight away (9)
43 Threaten to calm things down? (8)
48 City also in US state? On the contrary (5)
50 I knock over old flags by house (5)
51 Island’s given no introduction in book (4)
52 Singer will appear in musical tonight (4)

Solution to Crossword 57