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Crossword 59
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Ten answers are of a kind and their clues contain no definition.

Pop groupís to perform (6)
4 Pass towards goal, except it goes above the goalieís head (8)
10 British painter meets one from Germany (9)
11 Easy clue (5)
12 Catch, with audible relief, one falling from this? (7)
13 A leading character elected by America captures heart of political Left (7)
14 Australia gets a wicket at start of Ashes (5)
15 The aim of admiring Man United? (8)
18 Girl eats second pudding (8)
20 Could be Lordís defeat Ė bowled out (5)
23 A rule adopted by philosopher mostly (7)
25 High Street shopís first to provide canopies (7)
26 Amours will fail without love (5)
27 Sonís given present to Asian chief Ė a tiger (5,4)
28 Most sleep in possession of vehicle? Thatís extremely frightening (8)
29 Filthy place housing referee is squat (6)

Desire to succeed confines one to working (8)
2 Female lawyers are under some pressure (7)
3 Ruffian in Germany having trouble after swimming Spree (9)
5 Continuous struggles to get tablets? (7,7)
6 10ís about to embrace officer (5)
7 Foolís name for Latin dance (7)
8 Itís childís play (6)
9 Bans cars from streets, arousing residentsí praise right away (14)
16 Catch up with Edward in New Street (9)
17 Rustic cheerfully spends two pounds (8)
19 Entrepreneur, as I appreciate, holds a huge area of land (7)
21 Competition winner quietly leaves (7)
22 Omits to include managerís first stints (6)
24 Drinkís very intoxicating at first (5)

Solution to Crossword 59