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Never-ending and convoluted tale about English servicemen (7)
8 Taking first appearances, Karajan used largely to resemble another maestro (7)
10 American gets nicked going outside – not the first to mess up (6)
11 Where to get loaded or rolling? (8)
12 Tree – its content, you said, should be rejected (4)
13 Romantic piano works to include second item from Pyotr Ilyich perhaps (10)
14 Two vehicles block a view, we’re told, in place for holidaymakers (7,4)
19 Girl working as stripper has to keep quiet – it involves working with others (3,7)
22 Potato curry’s not very Indian (4)
23 Maureen’s lost part of  her log-in details (8)
24 Billy No-Mates drops round, then starts to harass unfortunate holy man (6)
25 What good subjects show the monarchy when leader changes? (7)
26 Amazon, for example, leads in world as really reliable international online retailer (7)

Bad-tempered agent drinks wine up (7)
2 Plant somehow has to obtain energy – a lot of water’s the answer (5,3)
3 Sounds like girl’s out of bed and got her face on (4,2)
4 One-off riotous frolicking in which party’s held in the open air (8)
5 Close attention given to book appearing in New Year (6)
6 Apparatus for shock treatment’s stripped in Scottish town (7)
9 New German translator is eclipsed by Welshman and rendered ineffective (11)
15 US city’s home to a legendary runner (8)
16 Notorious bad driver cops nicked initially for weaving this way and that (2,3,3)
17 Dancers getting endlessly bloody-minded about nothing (7)
18 Accumulated bets on pirate captain being one to maintain position of vessel under fire? On the contrary (7)
20 One making you laugh or cry (6)
21 In disgust, avoid Mahler? (6)

Solution to Crossword 60