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I  haven't done one of these for quite a while - a crossword in which there are plenty of obscure references in answers and clues. This one's for the real obsessives!


Wandering round a couple of times to find Malaysian food (4-4)
5 Female cricketer gets a month in Tel Aviv (6)
10 Royal house gives travellers 30 days (7)
11 Put on trial, justify abandoning daughter (7)
12 African people discover America (5)
13 Pests moving east to compound for sheep... (9)
14 ...very large folds could be affected in a single trice, experts caution initially (12)
18 Plants from S. Europe (Spain) tended by the old lady in Times Square (12)
21 Bachelor sent packing by woman in retort in Swiss dialect (9)
23 Eccentrics pulling off fine pranks in the past (5)
24 Publication produced by woman with talent, we’re told (7)
25 Tenor performing opera’s surplus to requirements (2,5)
26 After a long time, is male cross-dressing? (6)
27 Yes, one’s concocted special excuses for not appearing in court (8)

Heal old wound that’s in a state? On the contrary (6)
2 Bushy tail of opossum’s bagged by pair with snare – that’s  heartless (6)
3 German scientist slightly modified plant oestrogen (9)
4 Was upset, hence not excited by Kirkpatrick’s instrument of torture (5-2-3-4)
6 Writer of comics among other genres (5)
7 Young herring netted chiefly in river in region of Concarneau (8)
8 Heir of Celtic chief tours Turkey and becomes follower of Hindu and Buddhist teaching (8)
9 Group of fungi having chromosome found in some diabetics, surprisingly (14)
15 Meat course not finished, ordered wine (9)
16 Former accountant’s given tax advice in the end to mine (8)
17 Following Thatcher’s work, employee is a slave no longer (8)
19 Knight from Geneva hiding away in Perth (6)
20 Judge Jenny, as it were? (6)
22 Develop a new use for old measures (5)

Solution to Crossword 62