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1 down’s view of 6 is represented cryptically by 4, 29, 22; his view of 2,15 is shown normally by 7 and 24 across. All these clues are undefined.

Prisoner gets stabbed and red stuff appears (5,3)
5 Mount paintings entered by amateur artist (6)
10 Half of unit’s struggling to get hold of a right uniform (9)
11 One island or several without a head of state (5)
12 Officer on beat has year with tummy trouble (7)
13 Sea god appears before opera’s third interval (7)
14 One gets nothing out of new free Norton Antivirus stuff (10)
17 Stupid person’s heartless and cheeky revelation? (4)
20 Slash head off fish (4)
21 Plant producing silk that’s added to sleeve (4,6)
23 Rider's outside on horseback – possibly it's used first? (7)
24 Health Service’s beginning to collapse (3,4)
26 Hang loose and drink (5)
27 Isolde, falling short, sang abominably, sliding through notes (9)
28 Arrive by gold carriage (6)
29 See 4

Kirk's almost past it, as it were (9)
2,15 Director Tarantino involved with a film avoiding extremes – very unusual  (5)
3 Coroner revised decision first of all – that’s known to the public (2,6)
4,29,22 “One conquers heart of foe, a big step overwhelming Dark Lord’s leaders.” Fantastic imagery, knocking yours truly out! (5)
6 One’s in a hurry on the phone (6)
7 Thus cheat in card game  (3,6)
8 Country’s leader’s demoted – that shows discrimination  (5)
9 It’ll help one new to tweeting come out of his shell?  (3,5)
15 See 2
16 Those in attendance will need a long time to follow English joke (8)
18 Santa’s home help not prepared to accept alternative  (5,4)
19 Women with nasty streak primarily inclined to do sport (5-3)
22 See 4
23 Fibre found in some foods is allergenic (5)
24 Commonly it is not a blemish (5)
25 First off, dealt with uncle having a beard (5)

Solution to Crossword 64