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This is another of those Marmite crosswords (you either love them or you hate them) which has a long answer spread over several entries. Needless to say, I hope you like Marmite!


Old programme showing Donald Duck lying in state? (8)
5 Words of encouragement when husbandís caught in deceitful backsliding? (4,2)
9 Fuel thatís fantastic on paper (7)
10 Making complaints leads to malicious oaf taking a beating, first off (7)
11 Run away with girl after sheís dumped writer (5)
12 A source of illumination in the main (9)
13 Femaleís back (4)
15 Inner yen, a hankering ultimately? Could be (8)
19 See 8
20 See 8
23 Dance mostly with a Russian space traveller? This may provide the music (9)
25 Sheath is essential for estoc really (5)
26 With heavens breaking, a storm will do for this tiny creature (4,3)
27 Note, paying attentionís not hard but necessary (7)
28 Girl, right, turned heads of lads, dressed nicely in full skirt (6)
29 Sounds like I am able to date unknown person whoís attractive (3,5)

Hell, best manís taking time! (6)
2 His contribution to medicine is of wee significance? (9)
3 Stage play oddly taking hour and a quarter (5)
4 Playwright who makes you sick (6)
6 One lies in front of fire, rather drunk, wearing skirt (6,3)
7 Whinges endlessly when mobile charger makes this sound (5)
8,21,10d,19,14,20 Quiet thatched pub b-burning? Bugger! Brewery much glad these characters are scrambled from 1 (4,4,6,6,8,6,3,4)
10 See 8
14 See 8
16 One chap covers up for criminal providing drug (9)
17 Perhaps foil container is a way of transferring money over to Director under the counter (8)
18 Performer in production of Tristan abandoning Lohengrin finally (6)
21 See 8
22 Very narrow lane thatís between high-rises? (6)
24 On which Parisian graffiti artist draws monkey-like creature? (5)
25 PM avoids controversy concerning oil (5)

Solution to Crossword 65