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All clues contain an extra word. In clue order, the initial letters of these words spell out a work and its author; that work shares a characteristic with the completed grid. Identifying that characteristic will provide the necessary information for solvers to complete the unclued entry at 11 across. 

Womanís last to suspect affair Ė husband leaves loving note (7)
8 Oneís not well advised to attack, all but blocked by Light Infantry (7)
10 Japanese leader disrupted Hakkinenís party (6)
11 Unclued
12 Skin infection fairly regularly ignored by men at first (4)
13 Arthur Scargill has Loony Left in prime position for final effort (4,6)
14 Epitaph isnít particularly ironic, Dicky admits quietly (11)
19 Illegal trade assisted group of Nicaraguan rebels? (10)
22 French writer not half geting pulse racing (4)
23 Time among evil infidels is never to be forgotten (8)
24 Lack of co-ordination is a tiresome burden, I accepted (6)
25 Former prison inmate kidnaps North American (7)
26 Henry observes group of stars outside Zackís initial range of vision (7)

Toutís very nearly legal (7)
2 Generalís arm wasnít twisted Ė thatís a false argument (5,3)
3 Remove headgear from a French emissary to intimidate legates, principally (6)
4 Weíve both got the same old ruined picture! (8)
5 Large building resembling Elizabethan garden houses (6)
6 Bread with a bit of butter perhaps good for rapid heartbeat? (7)
9 One term in stylish establishment is how concert pianists are trained? (11)
15 Show approval of Shakespearean character making comeback? Nonsense (8)
16 Iíll donate pounds endlessly for translating ancient laguage (3,5)
17 Extremist element briefly represented by leaders of Hamas originally (7)
18 Where Congress meets in Washington DC? Thatís nothing for a Republican (7)
20 Difficult old character enraged Yankee (6)
21 Cavalryman fires a round, frightening cleaning woman (6)

Solution to Crossword 67