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 On average, America's lost without Catholic prayer (3,5)
8 When ready accept new agreement (6)
9 Adult getting married is afraid (4)
10 Playing very badly in runless West Indian team (5,5)
11 Base, destructive goddess pursues little fellow (6)
13 After all one who’s engaged first put off marriage (8)
14 Hotel perhaps is a compromise (13)
16 Apparently boat to China is near (8)
18 Book, one to take to bed? (6)
20 Very likely one will be dismissed, being vulnerable to attack (10)
21 Border Agency’s prime objection (4)
22 Some of Schoenberg’s music is so advanced, almost completely out of fashion (6)
23 Lively soul, a rebellious sort once (8)

Perhaps I will be heard making frank confession (6)
2 In the thick of attack, runs off to hold mass (4)
3 Vissi d’arte, say, is inferior to new McCartney No 1? That’s heresy! (8)
4 Hope and hope at first? (10)
5 One is able to support view (mostly) of C of E (8)
7 Fear of lightning strike in Portugal has leaders of overseas organisation a bit worried (13)
8 18 film certificate’s removed so you’ll get entry (5)
12 Finds out source of serious sectarian struggles (10)
14 Assume drug given by apothecary is suitable (8)
15 About half are accepted at first for university life (8)
17 Radical Left supports comrade in union (5)
19 Copper, note, cracks case of arson, showing keen perception (6)
21 Section of Niagara Falls appears inverted at a distance (4)

Solution to Crossword 68