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Warning: A number of grid entries are not 1 across 20.

“Vertically challenged” for a start (not “very short”!) appears among right loco tripe designed to be this (11,7)
7 Treat contemptuously as Hell (3)
9 Swingers finish university in cushy situation, chiefly (9)
10 Single fellow from the east harbours love for woman (5)
11 Char possibly used to be engaged as cleaner of saloon? (3-4)
12 Bare patches on skin likely to start to improve in time (7)
13 First off, airdrop at sea involves Corps having to pull it! (7)
15 The issue’s tender (9)
17 You’re boarding the QE2? On the contrary, and jokes will result (3-6)
19 Martial arts instructor’s not one to show feeling (5)
20 See 1 across
22 Is Alberich leading capably and in a pleasant manner? (7)
24 Confectionery that’s an American dish (7)
25 Flying Ryanair mostly takes forever, daughter maintained – and one saves for this! (1,5,3)
27 Gallo-Brittonic speaker is caught in downpour (1-4)
28 Model snogs slim cop for all to see – you can read about it in these (6.7)

It’s worthless stuff, whichever way you look at it (3)
2 Boyfriend has name for very unsociable sort (5)
3 Perhaps Donald Duck’s first to accept automobile as an advantageous expedient (5,4)
4 Blockhead on shift makes peanuts (5,6)
5 Sally’s sadly contracted rabies (5)
6 River Tyne a good swim? Zulu will plunge in (7)
7 One may be present in theatre to remove fluid to keep operation short (4-7)
8 Husband pays children working for place selling craft supplies? (4,9)
11 British motorists back riding bike? This biological process may benefit!  (6,5)
14 Make excessive fuss about Bill appearing in public (9)
16 A ruler, on reflection, very much independent of religious movement (9)
18 On top of mountain, kill calf (7)
19 Chaplain’s blessed waterway (4,5)
21 Pieces of wood with tapered ends skewer climbing animal trapped inside (7)
23 To make dark chocolate pud, ultimately I am after top bit of Bournville (5)
26 The old quarter is OK (3)

Solution to Crossword 69