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On stage as understudy? (6)
5 It can initially alleviate digestive problem (7)
9 Shamefaced, like Jacob? (8)
13 Organisation bringing people together from all over the world? It divides the world (13,4,4)
14 German abandons naive inclination to sign up again (2-6)
15 Putting away criminal sort a long time (7)
16 Earl, following party game for kids, discovers second childhood (6)
17 Critís raving about English musical reflecting feature of some operas (10)
20 I will meet Nancy perhaps after relative comprehends the truth (12)
23 A gift from US city? No way! (4)
24 Modelling isnít all glamorous at heart Ė one may be taken for a ride (8)
26 Hide from society among close family (8)
29 Awfully nice long-haul trips obtained from this (12)
30 Unfortunately Academician consorts with a criminal organisation (4,6)
32 Irritation following bishopís unpleasant behaviour (10)
34 More than one item of clothing fits translatorís old employer to start with (7,5)
36  In suffering from hardship, one becomes a degenerate (8)
38 Dislike adult edition (8)
39 Help to give worker skill (4)
41 Order to soldiers to be more violent? With time that will create confusion (12)
43 Expert in moulded plastic is first to explain (10)
44 Disrupt meeting, giving hell to vacuous Leftie (6)
46 Pest is commonplace around Florida (7)
48 Paper Ė itís a must to board plane? (8)
50 Struggling theatre endlessly squanders money hosting college play (3,6,3,9)
51 Poet lazily dismisses daughter in an unfriendly manner (8)
52 Oneís no longer working on island (7)
53 Apprentice wonít start profitable business (6)

 I would agree finally that companionís above reproach (5)
3 Planned camping on island by lake (11)
4 Novel is in the earliest stage of development (8)
5 Stop! Climbing starts avalanches (but only some) (5)
6 After more than one attempt evacuated the port (7)
7 A large group of people in criminal career (11)
8 Dorisís initial deposit? (5)
9  Audacious fakes including the Spanish and French art (9)
10 Not all of them endeavour to change for the better (5)
11 It makes you sick as a parrot, having this? (11)
12 Juggling trick is of little significance to the audience (7)
18 Reminiscent of First Lady embracing career but not working (9)
19 Strained muscle finally after playing tennis (7)
21 Persistent nuisance not beginning to reform (9)
22 Coaches, several of them joined English Royal Society  (8)
25 Member is not in time to ratify bill (9)
27 One on run holds forth about the thing or things that cause annoyance (9)
28 A surgeon that is very educated and accomplished (8)
31 Ignoring everyone, Sally wrongly took part of heart-throb? (7)
33 As a result of this you wonít be well on the way (3-8)
34 This birthday used to be significant for the majority (6-5)
35 Dicky helps out on ranch at first, but he deals in furniture by trade  (11)
37 One clergyman found between the covers of Derbyís phone book? (9)
40 Make subtle adjustments to beautiful melody (4-4)
42 One who chooses, first off (7)
43 Unethical practitioner will be back shortly after retiring (7)
45 Resinous substance found among diesel emissions (5)
47 It tracks aircraft taking off and landing? (5)
48 Exciting present? (5)
49 See, Eliot revolutionised form of writing (5)

Solution to Crossword 70