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Give away free petrol around start of December (3,4)
8 Locally, one murderer secures hospital release (7)
10 After university, health workerís son advances? Thatís doubtful (6)
11 Endlessly squandered chance to become star (8)
12 Order a car (4)
13 Old-fashioned equipment from Sweden, very up-to-date in eleven ten (5,5)
14 Good sieve needed by old fool making drop scone (7-4)
19 Relating to line demarcating similar dialect and to its logic, possibly (10)
22 Dodgy dealer wants celebrityís backing (4)
23 Old Cape province surprisingly retains king (8)
24 One tucking into Japanese drink before beginning to improve their bonsai landscaping (6)
25 Glibness shown by fellow abandoning sin? (7)
26 Low-down chap is common (7)

Nancyís first person to meet famous orphan girl (7)
2 These days bandleaderís not against showing muscle (8)
3 Take some piano lessons? Itís said in admiration (2,4)
4 Time in a coma caused damage of the body (8)
5 Sergeiís agreed restricting damage is Hindu virtue (6)
6 Perhaps Zeppelin songís fashionable (7)
9 Pope settled here in Rome, supporting friend from a long bygone age (as the Americans have it) (11)
15 Blow cross up as part of entrance (8)
16 Joint found in one capital or another (8)
17 Empress volunteers to carry lethal substance (7)
18 In different life Iíd love opera (7)
20 Finely graded cement concrete is good to make one (6)
21 Touring south, happen upon a plant related to dahlia (6)

Solution to Crossword 71