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Returning drunkard sees several more (8)
5 Chap captures knight with queen – that’s how Arab may move? (6)
9 Worry oneself about a feature of some bats (4-4)
10 Causes alarm and anxiety on board (6)
12 Build sports ground in abandoned encampment (5)
13 Good man consumes small dinner perhaps – like some biscuits (9)
14 Try comic line to start to soothe raving road user (5-7)
18 Not easily wound up, happening to lose one’s rag about politician sacking son (4-8)
21 Some bad fielding leads to defeat (9)
23 Island institute gets rid of Academician (5)
24 Clergyman’s wife dismisses first couple to show affection (6)
25 After short trip, detective has extremely communicable disease (8)
26 Noisily knocked back a delicious drink (6)
27 The majority should be kept in the warm – it stops bleeding (as American has it) (8)

Insectivore that’s often recognisable? Not entirely (6)
2 Most strict, keeping one’s woman in order (6)
3 Craft shop’s closing and left a bit too untidy (5-4)
4 With yours truly absent, teaches class about mounting special electrical items (12)
6 Necktie accepted by Hamish? (5)
7 Spice sexual excitement up with married man (8)
8 Determined to rule out taking pills (8)
11 We had a celeb dancing outside hotel, maybe right on the Strand? (7,5)
15 Cut short street party that’s getting noisier (9)
16 One cuts corners, sloppily producing chemical used in dyeing (8)
17 Satisfied by interpretation of Eroica except the last bit, which is very fast (8)
19 Refuse to take exam again around start of semester (6)
20 Fresh money to support soldiers (6)
22 Opera for La Scala at heart? (5)

Solution to Crossword 72