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Article missing from collection of antiques? Investigation results (7)
8 One Flemish artist or another abandoning Germany for Spain (3,4)
10 Composed – a term essentially used for it? (6)
11 Drink and drive recklessly? (8)
12 Composer renounces his nationality, we hear, for her (4)
13 Shrub is planted in the verge by westbound main road (10)
14 Knock back drink with airman after opera, but not too much (2,3,6)
19 Record collection containing jazz mostly is feature of column (10)
22 Close companion at last given attention (4)
23 DJ is so tense, needing to become healthier? (8)
24 One has no time for Spanish food (6)
25 Fate of a play about love making comeback  (7)
26 Reportedly is acquainted with person that's patient for plastic surgery (4,3)

Important card game for Spooner is to inflict crippling damage (7)
2 Be sexually aroused by an unpleasant woman, a Swede (8)
3 Associate skins up, to become unconscious (6)
4 So a grass is mistaken for seaweed (8)
5 Children’s author and playwright retires, heading for Tasmania (6)
6 A Conservative has to demand enthusiastic welcome (7)
9 Church’s really empty, holding first service of the festive season (11)
15 Ordered John to be at work (2,3,3)
16 Quiet Spanish woman hiding new engineer’s glasses (5-3)
17 Inspiration encompasses depth and comprehensiveness (7)
18 Become very fond of female sporting floral clothes (4,3)
20 Hard gangster can cry (6)
21 Use English Master’s tactic (6)

Solution to Crossword 74