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Lousy, perhaps? That makes you irritable (6)
4 Donít start to give up and slowly pass away! (4,3)
9 Around end of April eccentric local manís abandoning new type of fuel (5-4)
10 Second child married old and boring person (5)
11 Poet, say, is arrested by English officer (7)
12 Part of maths group is competent in two foreign languages? (7)
13 Standing up before court (5)
14 So she hurriedly wraps present Ė itís winter footwear (8)
17 Papaís dog eating staple food? The cost of it! (5,3)
19 Conference for one lecturer is a model of perfection (5)
22 Artist appears in photo as well (7)
24 Hoarse from speaking, Chuck finishes off pint quickly (7)
25 Writer reflected on one small antelope (5)
26 For a start, John Bullís desperate to meet girl from Prague, perhaps, or another capital (9)
27 Incidentally, article will appear in Times twice (2,3,2)
28 Suffer, following live act (6)

Pampered girlís back in school (8)
2 A disreputable sort regularly visited Vermeer scholarsí world (7)
3 Projectile or bullet, one cut to penetrate (9)
4 Eddyís admitting solicitor reasoned soundly (4-7-3)
5 Attack falls short, very, when scoring (5)
6 One love after another comprises misery after short time Ė itís a tragedy (7)
7 American poet unknown to be unfriendly (6)
8 Sells hot oyster stew, kept warm in this? (7,7)
15 Repair gel sure to hold up? (9)
16 Take no risks? Lincolnís wife wouldnít have agreed with this! (4,4)
18 It gives man right to return things primarily? (7)
20 American academic supports one-party state (7)
21 See doctor after old man boosted confidence? (6)
23 Conversely some step in solely to criticise (5)

Solution to Crossword 75