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This one's for those who like obscure vocabulary in their puzzles!


1 Diving apparatus – it covers chest (5)
5 Russian assemblies once met outside of Vladikavkaz as ordered (7)
11 Clue: cedar’s one oddly misused describing the Meliaceae (12)
12 Drop case of sweet wine, being affected by sores (7)
14 Record some of Vivaldi’s concerti (4)
15 The speaker’s stupid as a dry fruit (7)
16 After 24 hours, Oscar finds Scottish town (6)
18 Quarterly agreement required for landing-stage (4)
19 Having grabbed a bit of kip, mostly keen to provide grass for Arab? (6)
24 Scrounge from club? That’s not on (6)
25 Old people of Yemen backing down! (4)
26 Strangely history ignores old Asian river (6)
27 Without overwhelming resistance, seize Polish city (7)
30 Henry returned jumper for Tom in Dundee (4)
31 Permanent staff must take note (7)
32 Reckon one’s subsequently in charge of certain exercises (12)
33 One working on Jersey perhaps is cast in second part of Star Trek (7)
34 Drive around, hemmed in by river that's sluggish (5)

One swiftly crosses South Carolina with milk producer (7)
2 I.e. a bit carnal? Wrong! (12)
3 Conductor’s right to replace an English horse-collar in Ayr (7)
4 Visionary’s lofty stronghold (4)
6 Pasturage formerly found in river basin (6)
7 Never leaves nursery or house (4)
8 Inquisitor’s not crazy about daughter? That’s twisted! (7)
9 Nancy’s seen on board taking in British film (you may see it in Vietnam or Laos) (12, three words)
10 It’s in a primarily swinging manner? (5)
13 Pole gets mean quickly? On the contrary (6)
17 Hideously disfigured guy plainly disregarding the odds (6)
20 Cycling roughly...roughly one third of a mile to get Mediterranean salad (7)
21 But she’s desperate to have a drink (7, two words)
22 Exclusive group finally lost battle for privacy (7)
23 Going round point wears out swimmer (6)
25 Jock’s nimble, getting women into bed (5)
28 Beat young and inexperienced player (4)
29 Asian's ready to give some repellent habits up (4)

Solution to Crossword 76