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Woman, one embodying “extremely lovable”? That’s her (6)
4 Ex-PM’s in wrong Government, feeling furious (8)
10 Can leader of Athenians fight with enemy of ancient Greek city? (9)
11 Spandex tracksuit cut to reveal more (5)
12 Blonde regularly bowled over one cut off in Prague perhaps, and the entire nation (4,7)
14 Type of “music” that’s rubbish, first off! (3)
15 In centre of Tynemouth, pub wants end to smoking ban (7)
17 Some food therefore can contain horse, on reflection (6)
19 Old-fashioned relative shortly will get a couple of rounds in (6)
20 Say where Robin’s born and raised? That’s extremely stupid (7)
22 Direct from major road to motorway (3)
23 Crystallographer’s optical instrument sure cost a bomb – that’ll involve work (11)
25 Plantain in a plot cut back (5)
26 Having initially ordered a starter of ostrich meat, I would like claret (9)
28 European’s learning about quarter in Danish city (8)
29 Overnight flight’s a problem for photographer (3-3)

Following Henry heading off out on vacation, make money in dubbing? That’s plain (4-4)
2 League champion departs, getting thrashed (5)
3 This relative can be up or down (3)
5 American nicks new trainee’s tie-pin (14)
6 Very French clothes catch on, fancy outerwear items (6,5)
7 Misfortune’s stopped by victory after Italian team mingled together (9)
8 Knock back half of obviously good brandy (6)
9 Adopting different role, the man will procreate at breakneck speed (4,3,7)
13 Capital city, such as Cádiz? (4,2,5)
16 Times article about Greek province given to Sun? Certainly not! (2,2,5)
18 One’s present to nurse a couple of Europeans (8)
21 One wearing cap that’s erotic, for a start – that’s something tasty (6)
24 Old region offers bracing air (5)
27 Take off topless garment (3)

Solution to Crossword 77