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This is one of those Marmite puzzles which contain an answer spanning several entries. The quotation should resonate with anyone who has ever worked hard to publish creative work; I dedicate this puzzle to all setters who have endured petty, ill-informed and malicious quibbling on crossword “blogs”.


See 25
5 Tree snake from the east, one shown in books (6)
10 Lead pencil’s first to go back (7)
11 Theatre’s to mount play again (7)
12 Unfit, elected to join a gym (5)
13 Service following sales is a farce, unfortunately, consuming endless time (9)
14 Bad hair day, Lucy? That’s effected by water (9)
16 Subject of tenor ignored by opera company (5)
17 Charlie’s impressed by leading revolutionary TV sound system (5)
19 Thrills given by loose woman? Get moving! (4-5)
22 Last month this writer’s accepted corporation’s final demand (9)
23 Beaver is an animal associated with dams primarily (5)
24 Could be second exam interrupted by racket (7)
25,1 across,8,12 down,9 Can’t do it, uh? Beef at others’ oeuvres in inane career – possibly beginning to convey what 28 said (1,6,3,5,4,7,2,6,2,1,6)
27 Figure from Greek myth taking Troy finally (2,4)
28 One composer or another exchanging daughter for sister? (8)

Hot sauce with one stuffing (3)
2 Attendant pulls up outside empty theatre (7)
3 It’s to throw out, first off (5)
4 Look at everyone following European governor around (7)
6 Soldier wears appropriate American equipment (9)
7 Group in prison needing help, we’re told (7)
8 See 25
9 See 25
12 See 25
15 The last word in smart, fancy weapons (9)
18 Keep most of delicate fragments (7)
19 Pay with krona for small boiler? (6)
20 I knock computer over, having some booze (7)
21 Plants in herbaria can thicken, to some extent (7)
23 Dip in articles supporting Britain (5)
26 Seeress regularly picked vetch (3)

Solution to Crossword 78