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Ten solutions are of a kind and have no further definition.

7 “Phone home” is associated with alien at heart (7)
8 Stupid law rebels partly overturned (7)
10 Statement approving issue of Homer? (6)
11 Nasty dent acquired by a French female beginning to drive without care and attention (8)
12 Character backed to leave Man United? No (4)
13 In a rut, alas? Throw that wild party! (10)
14 Rector first off will wear English suit and casual shoes (11)
19 Crowd turns on police, having energy for a brawl initially – one of these may be thrown? (6,4)
22 Bowled for one, needing to secure runs (4)
23 Want to stop nasty kid being a pest? (5,3)
24 Half from Salish, a Native American greeting (6)
25 Old stick that’s been thrown away? (7)
26 One could be e.g. ten? Right (7)

A place for a holiday? Never! (7)
2 Drunk after good craic, finally the man’s getting hiccups (8)
3 Winds on board ship will be raw, mostly (6)
4 Case for circuit training to start with – that’s said to produce muscle (8)
5 Symbol of authority supporting rule over a country (6)
6 Bird wants dirty sex? About time! (7)
9 Book added to total price (11)
15 European girl cut call off, being hypersensitive (8)
16 You’ll get stiff treatment from this person (8)
17 Has paid almost all debts? So we hear (7)
18 UK citizen needs to catch up (7)
20 Count on Kelvin to be taken in by scam (6)
21 Vessel capsized close to island (6)

Solution to Crossword 79