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This puzzle is dedicated to the little fellow who will appear if you let your mouse hover over the grid. As is right and proper, no knowledge of the subject is necessary to solve the clues.

Chow? No, another dog wanting quiet love... (6)
5 ...that initially Lisa gave, with dogís tail gone wagging to show pleasure... (8)
9 ...Lucy's second coming in to look after dog? Thatís fit and appropriate... (8)
10 ...this chap has him finally, with time invested in limitless caring (6)
11 Spring largely includes a period with nothing bearing fruit (10)
13 Good performer in court is to give up, so they say (4)
14 Happy in the country, running around with lead off (4)
15 Spill liquid which drenched sandwiches, making them this? (10)
18 Swim with Noodle? Book day off, after organising transport (10)
20 A houndís returned, missing good drink (4)
21 Noodle is sweet (4)
23 Head of Technology called in support, not able to get very far (5-5)
25,20 down Crowing bird involves awful pains for this four-legged friend (6,7)
26 Veteran wants to relax with daughter, see, on retirement (3-5)
28 According to Spooner, condescend to bring up animal (8)
29 Walk endlessly, wearing fancy footwear (6)

Vain lout beginining to organise scrambled egg production (9)
3 Hesitant policeman has to attempt arresting the man (7)
4 Decline job, being somewhat upset (3)
5 The woman will bombard Hull (5)
6 On the trail, I mostly ponder about Noodleís coat being radiant (11)
7 Last of horror movies involved making use of contemporary material (7)
8 Bone given to Noodle at last after tense race (5)
12 Wrongly interpret Military Intelligenceís studies? Thatís right (11)
16 Single canine, one providing company formerly (3)
17 Dogs with good breeding in the middle of Open University qualifications, we hear (9)
19 Young canine turns the tide on family (7)
20 See 25
22 Old Noodle on vacationís after wizard place having bracing air (5)
24 Noodle at heart added to our repute (5)
27 Animal providing theme is a divine being, on reflection (3)

Solution to Crossword 80