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One so has designs on her body! (8)
5 Fair-haired beauty, initially single, secures date (6)
9 Involved in argument, drunkís about to produce dagger (8)
10 Expression of appreciation for sexy woman who sports short split skirts (6)
12 Well, a market will stock this wool (5)
13 Consequences of a chubby husband stifling expression (9)
14 Motion, say, to repeal EU act fails without Conservative (4,8)
18 District nurses treated artist making recording (12)
21 Procession of vehicles turned out to carry old metal band (9)
23 German politicianís true love (5)
24 Raid fashionable bar, arresting American (6)
25 Leaves a note on feature article (5,3)
26 Lesbian poetess apparently invested in second house (6)
27 Laurelís worst influence, according to Spooner (5,3)

Fight thugs regularly, getting almost killed (6)
2 Bachelor enters competition involving a race (6)
3 They work to rule, disrupting musical dramas (9)
4 No longer crazy about farm machinery? Itíll clear the air (9,3)
6 First off, Mahler is fantastic composer (5)
7 Rewrite a page on new supporter of contemporary religious movement (8)
8 Groundnut sauce, after short time, is introduced to Eastern region (5-3)
11 Who elseís that disposed to attract the most admiration? (5,3,4)
15 River rising mostly precedes danger at sea (3,6)
16 More than one citadelís king beheaded mischief-makers (8)
17 A fool to support seditious material (8)
19 Is it possible for ban to exclude University of Cambridge? (6)
20 Turned on, cheers extremely raunchy legal official (6)
22 Arrive at right place to sunbathe, going topless? (5)

Solution to Crossword 81