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Whitewash is left remaining in vessel (5-2)
5 General stores order for regular shopper? (8)
9 Suppress outbursts of laughter, perhaps, about article in Le Monde (6)
13 Legendary prankster wound Lee up, telling lies (4,12)
14 Storytellerís books originally engraved in wood (6)
16 Mount a plate (5)
17 Endless practice on incline? Itís needed by climbers (7)
18 Pervert homed in on a maiden, getting personal (2,7)
19 Drivers in Grand Prix initially abandoning quibble Ė itís what gets them moving! (6,3)
21 Send lecturer back to Jersey (7)
22 Section of core curriculum is to come up again (5)
23 Broadcast slagged off a native of China (5)
25 Seaside town ultimately ideal for one in terrible misery (4,5)
27 The manís carrying ailment around hospital Ė thatís dreadful (7)
29 At last the brass secure agreement for military command (4,5)
31 Permanently available when required, keeping fond ear out (4,3,3,3)
34 A going backward, with rot possibly set in? (13)
35 Change sides in addition? Thatís harsh (9)
37 A heartless non-believer is an austere type (7)
39 Jockey toils and aims very high (9)
42 Sex appealís shown by one Italian Ė it gets steamy! (5)
43 Son wants ice cream cake (5)
45 Countryís capital bowled one fellow over (7)
47 Convert polyester plastic (9)
49 Tries getting into Madrid team for practice (9)
50 Having key for institute, left extremely happy (7)
52 Youngster doesnít finish one dish (5)
54 Indifferent, not tense or nervous (6)
55 Military Intelligenceís apparently given support, helping to arrest one for embezzlement (16)
56 In secret, executives back City (6)
57 Bill thus becomes ill, as Charles I was at the end? (8)
58 Dieter regularly consumes wine for relaxation (7)

Disaster area harbours upstanding man supporting Queen (11)
2 Criminal gets rid of fashionable residence (5)
3 School eggs on college fellow (7)
4 Avoidance of giving offence is, in short, central to gossip column (9,11)
5 Sister cracks joke over a drink, being a poser (9)
6 Mealís presented half-heartedly? Marvellous! (5)
7 In a position above being too much of a 14? (9)
8 I cry out loud, discovering pupilís situation (7)
10 Grass cutter doesnít start? Capacitorís required (7)
11 Mathematician upset toff, if given half a chance (9)
12 Officer of stateís soon detailed by military, we hear (4,7)
15 Exactly that which is required, possibly making two redo thatch? (4,3,6,7)
20 Business needs time for second new agreement (7)
21 Turn up stuff about one Italian inventor (7)
24 Insult a female with boldness (7)
26 Religious teacher floated ideas at first (5)
28 One with pride in son is extremely likable, somehow (7)
30 Physicistís fixed up with a place for research, mostly (5)
32 Card game requiring players to hold an ace (7)
33 A British university probes actual location of stone circles (7)
34 Note, Jenny has endless stamina, offering encouragement (11)
36 Actress in cast in great need (11)
38 Companionís about to jump over river to reach eatery (4-5)
40 Upholding bill, unproductive Democrat grabs last of moral high ground (9)
41 I put end to Japanese sumo wrestling? Thatís rash (9)
44 Authority makes U-turn, with English housing at issue (7)
46 Supply a smile, hiding oneís uneasiness (7)
48 Penny lost inclination to charm (7)
51 Liberal politician consumes beer? On the contrary (5)
53 Oneís head, nothing less? Just a bit of it (5)

Solution to Crossword 82