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Across solutions contain a common element which is ignored in the wordplay of their clues.

Sent back fish to impress one concerned with virility (7)
8 Asian money (7)
10 Commercials? They’re pests (6)
11 Urge American to back money-changing (8)
12 New feature (4)
13 Runs into strange canine resembling a mythical creature (10)
14 Jana finally stops belly dancing to prepare for dinner (3,3,5)
19 Untold honours surrounding French city without leader (10)
22 Thanks for transport (4)
23 Group of characters wanting part of Macbeth (8)
24 Jerk’s description of some dialects (6)
25 Something causing change in spy, preposterously (7)
26 For starters, climate change endangers all aquatic mammals (7)

Harpo Marx’s second broadcast includes a Native American (7)
2 Crime regularly embraced by worker on a ranch (8)
3 A scar developed under single part of lung (3-3)
4 Bird with upturned bill seen around one California lake (8)
5 Attention seeker comes in to mock fool (6)
6 Henry gets fed after almost any game (7)
9 Self-service establishment eschewed primarily after less than cracking coffee (11)
15 Beat rising debt, ensnaring husband to steal from (8)
16 Mistake when speaking of coastal area (8)
17 Largely dull pub work securing one promotion (5-2)
18 Agitated Conservative gets stuck into Left (7)
20 Remove block of live explosive on active duty (6)
21 Shrill cry from bird turning tail? (6)

Solution to Crossword 84