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The completed grid contains a dedication. More information on the solution page.


Sailors brought in to protect fish (7)
8 Bride’s a silly booby perhaps (7)
10 Out-of-date northern town needs time for modernising, firstly (3-3)
11 Keeping secret, oddly, description of some diseases of organs (8)
12 Stick around to entertain one Christian? (4)
13 Metropolitan area is seedy, afflicted with endless misery (10)
14 Enchantress left in bad state finally, following son producing knife (11)
19 Last issue missing? Swop leaders (10)
22 Support Remain! (4)
23 Song largely suppressed by a French revolutionary, like some poetry (8)
24 Stigmatise old actor (6)
25 I start to lament for high street trader (7)
26 Gold dish needed first for table (7)

Feel sorry for a sick climbing plant (7)
2 Pants wear thin, making you naked (2,3,3)
3 Expert satisfied on retirement, for the time being (3,3)
4 Short film of novel’s touching and extremely emotional (8)
5 Preoccupy former pupil with meetings? Not half! (6)
6 Love Rosalind – could be this Shakespearean is disposed! (7)
9 Overlooked by public sadly, she’d do more than expected (4,3,4)
15 Dessert is served up: I spoil it and upset us (8)
16 Aversion therapy at first is surrounded by endless misfortune (8)
17 Out to lunch, Colin eats an Italian pastry (7)
18 Fish starter of salmon with a light touch (4,3)
20 Outside hospital, gentleman dons dry garment (1-5)
21 People used to write on this altar frontal (6)