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I started my career as a professional compiler working for a media agency, which sold my puzzles on to various local papers. This lasted several years before the agency's client base dwindled to the point that the agency was no longer in a position to commission any more puzzles from me. This was around the time the FT, and later the Independent, took me on, so in a sense this was a step forward – writing puzzles for broadsheet papers is far more satisfying and challenging than producing puzzles which, by their nature, are restricted to the most basic of cluemanship. That's not to say I didn't enjoy the agency work, and I was grateful for a chance to get a foot in the door – but the end of my tenure did come rather unexpectedly and I was left with some fifty puzzles for which I have to date been unable to find any use. (I have always made a point of keeping well ahead of deadlines!)

These puzzles are far too easy for me to use them for the broadsheets, and also too basic for me to include them in the My Puzzles section of this site. It does seem a shame that they should go to waste, however, so I have decided to include them on this site as a job lot for visitors to do what they wish with. The link below leads to a downloadable zip file, from which you can extract the PDF files. The blank puzzle is on the first page of each file, so I suggest you only print Page 1 in order to save ink and paper.

As I've said, the puzzles are very easy, and unlikely to inspire those who have come here because they've done all the broadsheet puzzles and it's only 11 am, but if you do want a collection of 50 professionally written puzzles, for your own enjoyment use or for use in another publication (see terms here) then feel free to download them.